When we thought this summer could not get any hotter.

Curry Up Now, the top Indian street food spot from California, is now live on Allset. They won the customer’s hearts with their innovative approach to traditional flavors, and we are beyond excited for you to try it out.

11 locations across the states are now available on the Allset app. Just find the nearest one to you and enjoy as many Pani Puris or Samosas as you wish. They are crazy addictive!

What’s the secret? Curry Up Now chefs have mastered the authentic Indian spice palette to come up with diverse and fun foods that embrace the best elements…

We’re thrilled to see new locations on our Los Angeles map.

Our latest addition, WaBa Grill, is now available on the app, and we are excited for you to give it a try.

WaBa Grill is an excellent place for all-in-one, on-the-go meals. Every item on their minimalistic menu has the holy trinity of good nutrition — veggies, proteins, and carbs. You only have to choose the size of the bowl and what protein you’d like on top. Their Team has already thought out all of the rest.

Be sure, you’ll get the perfect combo every time with meats, fish, or tofu smoked and charred on open fire grills, covered with…

This new plan will provide tools and services for restaurants to help grow their business and make it easier for restaurants to accept online orders through their own digital channels.

As a part of this new subscription-based plan — Allset Unlimited — any restaurant nationwide can access the following solutions at no commission:

Direct Online Ordering that allows restaurants to accept orders from almost anywhere and be in control of the customer experience. It includes:

  • Web Ordering — customers can order directly from the restaurant’s website or social media, on desktop or mobile.
  • Table & Storefront Ordering — on-premise ordering via QR code signage, helping restaurants serve customers at their physical stores in more convenient ways.
  • Pickup, Curbside, & Dine-In — to offer a variety of options for diners…

If you still hate greens, let these guys change your mind.

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with the true pioneers of plant-based food, The Butcher’s Daughter — a restaurant that has been chopping veggies since 2012.

Ironically named The Butcher’s Daughter, the restaurant’s whole menu is completely plant-based. It includes staples like avocado toast and breakfast burritos that are good all year round, as well as a few new dishes to capture the essence of every seasonal vegetable, berry, or fruit.

Apart from nutritious meals, The Butcher’s Daughter is famous for its bright sappy juice mixes which are always a healthy tangy addition to your day.

In case you have…

When we think of modern American cuisine with an Asian umami kick, we can think of no other restaurant than Kona Grill.

Best cuts of American beef spiced up with classic Japanese togarashi, exquisite sushi rolls, and not-so-traditional sides, all paired with selected wines and house sake, make for a rainbow-like flavor experience.

Until now, you may have believed that takeout could not be fancy. In that case, there’s no better time to think it over as Kona Grill goes live on Allset, with 24 locations nationwide available for No-Contact Pickup and Curbside.

In celebration of this partnership, the Allset customers can indulge in fresh seafood, steak, and sushi with $5 off each order at all Kona Grill locations. (Limited time only.)

Eclectic wagyu selection, sandwiches, signature cocktails, and more — you can now order anything on the mouth-watering menu of STK Steakhouse using the Allset app.

You got it right, we’re now working with America’s favorite steakhouse, which means the only question you should ask yourself is which surf you will be adding to your turf tonight — Shrimp, King Crab, or Lobster?

We know, the timing couldn’t be better as STK Steakhouse is offering an amazing to-go menu. So it’s about time to try something new and festive, whether it’s Short Rib Quesadilla, Meatball Hot Wrap, Buttermilk Fried Chicken Thigh, or Crispy Shrimp Po’ Boy.

Starting today, the Allset ordering is available at 10 locations nationwide, featuring No-Contact Pickup and a limited time offer of…

Hey, that healthy fuel we all love is now on Allset — available in Just Salad’s 28 locations throughout New York and Chicago. Come pick-up your favorite salads, bowls, avo toasts + more!

Healthy this, healthy that — it’s always easy to say ‘eat clean’, but finding a perfect food spot for that can be tough. Luckily, we’ve got our new friends here ready to become that fix to your diet dilemma.

We’re officially kicking off our new partnership with Just Salad to offer an easy and quick No-Contact Pickup of healthy food at their NYC and Chicago locations.

And when we say healthy, we mean delicious healthy. Yes-s-s, this includes crave-able warm bowls, smoothies, and everything else you’ve saved on your Pinterest board last time you had a vegan-ish mood.

But hey…

Many believe that food can’t be good for you if it’s amazingly delicious, but Allset and Starbird do know how to break stereotypes.

Being a real Californian brand that understands how much people obsess over better, healthier foods, Starbird came up with something that didn’t seem possible — better, healthier fried chicken that not only tastes good but feels good.

Get ready for an avalanche of signature dishes, flavors, and toppings as all 8 Starbird locations in San Francisco and The Bay Area are now available on Allset. …

After launching the food preferences update, we looked for restaurants that share our views on food customization. SAJJ Mediterranean was the perfect match! Their easy Do-it-yourself Meal Kits are here to satisfy your very specific dietary preferences.

All 12 locations in San Francisco, The Bay Area, and Los Angeles are now available on our app. Go ahead and be the first to prove that there’s no such thing as too much hummus!

SAJJ Mediterranean partners with local farms and their fantastic food is made from ethically sourced produce. …

Any Pittsburgher knows where the Best American Sandwich is made. Today, we launch a partnership with Primanti Bros to make all of their signature dishes available on Allset.

Right now, you can access 18 of their Pittsburgh locations in our app and order the crowd favorite Capicola or Pastrami and Cheese Sandwiches.

In celebration of the new partnership, the chain’s fans can enjoy an extra $2 off each of Allset orders at Primanti Bros now through February 9th, 2021.

As a new partner, Primanti Bros will receive orders commission-free — every dollar from your order will go directly to the…


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